I was just thinking the exact same thing. Would appreciate his input during the trial reviews.


What happened to the German intern? The official story is Richmond is mounting an assault against big Social Media with dozens of other lawyers.


What did happen to Sven Computer?


That was a bad fallout. At one point during live intros Sven held up a sign that read "S.C.D.N.P.H.E." which presumably stands for "Steven Crowder does not pay his employees" and he was never seen on the show again.


He clearly does. He was an intern and they decided not to hire him, at least that's what they said online.


It was #SCIAL #DNPE *Probably* ‘Steven Crowder is a liar. Does not pay his employees’. At the time there was a running gag that Sven would try to say his Twitter or Instagram handle during the intro and Steven would cut him off and insult him in some way. He may have used that as a cover so Steven would think it was just his handle he was holding up to get in first… but actually he was holding up something else. That’s at least part of it, anyway


I hope he is extremely busy destroying social media... though having his legal perspective would have made for a pretty good bit during this trial.


Has anyone found out a legit answer? I almost feel like since there is no information about it that it indicates they've had a falling out.


I have wondered this for several months, as well. I think it is likely that, yes, they had a falling out. Steven Crowder is very talented, but he is also a perfectionist with some psychological issues, and I've heard that he's quite hard to work with. The show lost Jared, Aaron the Intern (Jared's brother), and Sven at virtually the same time. Then they quietly fired Owen Benjamin, but in Crowder's defense, Owen is crazy and was probably a liability. It does look like the Jared/Aaron/Sven firings had something to do with money. These three seemed to feel that they had some kind of promise to get paid more after the show made its partnership with CRTV/Blaze, and Crowder seemed to feel that he didn't make such a promise. Or at least that's what it appears, from everything I can see. But back to Bill Ricmond. Crowder used to say that Richmond was "expensive" and "on retainer", but I have been told that neither was really true. Richmond was supposedly given a percentage ownership of the show, in exchange for his legal work supporting the program. This was actually a smart exchange on both ends, especially because Richmond clearly enjoyed being featured on the program, often appearing in skits as well. In fact, I wondered if Richmond even had any time to practice law outside of LwC anymore, given all the time he spent there. No matter... he seemed to be having a great time. Then... boom. No more Bill. Like Jared, Aaron, Sven, and Owen before him, Bill was simply gone, and never mentioned again. So what happened? No idea. However, it wasn't trivial for him to leave. He was attempting to mount a legal attack on Big Social Media on behalf of the show, and he supposedly owned a percentage of it. He couldn't simply just be fired! I am guessing that Richmond simply wanted to leave. Maybe it was about money, just as it probably was with Jared. Maybe he and Crowder had a disagreement regarding how to handle to legal attack on social media. Maybe it was a personal dispute. Who knows? The last I saw of him on the show was in early April 2021. Maybe he was on after that, but from a search, that's what I found. Clealry SOMETHING happened. If this was an amicable parting, we would have seen some kind of farewell. Hell, even Jared got that, even though it all smacked as phony.


Late to the party here. As much as I appreciate Crowder for the work he does for every freedom-loving American, he’s not a guy that I would want to work for or have a beer with. Why? Because the man is an absolute ULTRA-douche. I genuinely can’t stand his snarky and condescending personality. I realize it’s perfectly funny to make fun of the goofy leftists here and there, but he has a way of belittling and talking down to his own workers and allies, and it’s not cool at all. That’s why he can’t keep employees.


Well they mentioned him today on the show. Seems he’s still working on that law suite like they said when he stopped appearing on the show. No mystery. Just a lawyer doing his day job.


That's good, he's a very important part of the show imo. According to Steven, Bill is the one who really gets onto him about verifying his claims (so that they wouldn't lose a case if they got sued). I also seen him (e.g. in the George Floyd video) correct/clarify what Steven is saying.


Just mentioned him today live on the show. So I think he’s simply behind the scenes more so than taking part in the show. There could be multiple reasons for this ranging from Bill’s preference to reasons based in strategy.


It's common practice for lawyers to go radio silent when working on a sensitive case.


Well, he was back on a long special which aired this week, but recorded late last week. Crowder sat with him and talked a lot about Amber Heard, and a few other topics. At the beginning, they somewhat addressed Richmond's absence, but it was explained away as him being "busy lawyering behind the scenes". Crowder also claimed that he originally had Bill in third chair because they were short staffed, but kept asking him back because he was good on the show. Then supposedly Richmond said he didn't have time for it anymore, so they stopped having him once Dave Landau was a regular. Sounds like a reasonable story, but I don't buy it. Bill went from seemingly being a major cast member to completely absent, with basically no phase in between. Our question wasn't, "Why isn't Bill on as much anymore?" Our question is why he vanished, and why his Twitter seemed to have zero LwC references anymore. I think they probably had some moderate-level falling out, but because Bill had an ownership interest in the show, they probably converted Bill back to just being a legal adviser. After some time, their anger softened, so Bill agreed to come back on via a special. It's interesting that Bill appeared only with Crowder, and didn't appear on a regular program. Could it possibly be that Bill didn't get along with one of Crowder's employees, such as Quarter Black or Gerald? I can't say for sure, but he wasn't just "busy lawyering".


>Bill Ricmond Has he been back since this?


Haven't seen every episode, but from what I've seen, the answer is no. There is a tremendous decline in engagement from him related to LwC -- almost down to zero ever since he first vanished. I really think this is a situation where they had a falling out but decided to stay on okay terms, especially because he owns a piece of the show. It's a lot tougher to get rid of him than someone like Jared, from a legal standpoint (and not just because Bill is a lawyer!) It almost seems like that one appearance was kind of a way to shut everyone up, so we could all say, "See? Bill didn't have any falling out with LwC!" It's too bad, because I liked him, and I felt he added a lot to the show. Bill added an intellectual angle which was (and still is) sorely needed there. Dave Landau is hilarious, but he doesn't bring a lot to the table regarding deep knowledge of the issues.